1 Tailored to suit your needs Keep your car in a great condition

The performance of your car is dependent on regular maintenance. If you want to keep it in top condition, regular servicing is recommended. Protect your car from routine wear and tear with the help of the expert mechanics at Stuart N Rieman of Surrey. From vehicle diagnosis to Mercedes servicing, we will give your car the care it needs.

Keep your car in a great condition

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Cost-effective car servicing

• Battery replacement

• Air conditioning recharging

• Brake servicing

• Oil changes

Tailored to suit your needs

• Bulb fitting

• Tyre replacement (including winter tyres)

• Tuning

• Wiper blade replacement

We have years of experience in working on Mercedes cars. From repair and MOT to car servicing, we know what it takes to make your car perform at its best.

Bank on our experience

Whether you require MOTs, repairs or servicing, our team are ready to help.


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Get all the help you need

Want to make sure your car retains its value and runs smoothly for many years to come? Stuart N Rieman provides bespoke servicing for customers throughout Surrey.

Whether you need a regular car service or a repair, we have the tools and the expertise to help you. We specialise in Mercedes servicing but also have extensive experience in cars of all makes and models. We will quickly repair any problems and get you back on the road. Contact Stuart N Rieman today.

Car service experts you can count on

Car service experts you can count on